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More clever work work from Sylvain Allard's packaging students. This time, they have come up with unique ways of redesigning the standard tissue box. Many more after the jump!


Justin Lortie proposes a reflection on the environment.


The onion box that makes you cry by Emanuel Cohen


Corinne Pant makes us smile with these little portable characters.


A cynical look at the mourning by Charlotte Demers.


Here are the empathic boxes designed by Melissa Pilon.


The skin box by Nadine Brunet.


The intimate box from Valérie Trépanier.


Jean-Maxime Landry talks to the little ones.

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flickr set

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Procesos vs. Creativos

this is at least a...
: "

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Key of Rock from Haniboi: "

This key is designed by Yale standard which can be cut and used as your door key, or any key to fit in Yale lock. Alternatively, it can be wear as necklace, key ring, or any urban accessory you like.

Click here to discover more about the flying V key!

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Zeitguised: "Zeitguised was founded in early 2001 by Jamie Raap and Henrik Mauler in an effort to channel their disparate interests in art, architecture, fashion and design, and explore and test the boundaries of them all.

Their high-gloss art school 3D punk blends complex geometries, surreal objects, artificial behaviours and the recycling of digital ready-mades into their distinct hallucinatory narration style.

With a repertoire spanning art films, 3D design, installation projects, tv commercials and music videos, they are perfectly suited to the diversified world of modern commercialised creative enterprise.

“Perpetics”, an amorphous architectural art extravaganza, received miles of amorous blog inches last year and toured film festivals and art galleries alike, while their commercial clients have included Toyota, Mercedes, and Napster and Vodafone.

2010 will see Zeitguised spreading their computer-powered love across the symbiotic universes of advertising, art, fashion, design and music.

To see more of Zeitguised’s work visit www.blinkart.co.uk


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VIA. Briefblog

Este cartel, cubierto con burbujas selladas, invita a los peatones a absorber el magnífico aire de la montaña Braunwald (Suiza) para concientizar sobre su cuidado evitando contaminar.


Este trabajo estuvo a cargo de la agencia Wirz BBDO Network, Suiza.

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via DYT

Product designers Ivan Duval and Jean Sebastien Ide thought it would be fun to draw known figures on U.S. dollar bills. I don’t think George Washington would have allowed this!