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via DYT

Via DYT.

Today, I start my post by quoting a logo designing blunder. A few years back, a Las Vegas company launched an energy drink called Cocaine. Not long after its launch, the FDA pulled the drink from the market. Reason??? The word used as its logo was that of a notorious drug itself. The font in its logo design resembled a white powder (cocaine). Its marketing language was rife with drug references. Short and sweet, while designing a logo we need to apply many things and avoid number of things.

Is your logo design capable of making your customers SMILE )
Limited in references

These are the keys of a designing a unique logo but do you know what happens when you make mistakes while making a logo design. For this reason you need to know beforehand all the common blunders that you might commit in logo designing. After all, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it??? )

For your due awareness, I have enlisted some frequent blunders that most people make while creating a logo design:

1. Avoid amateurs; your logo design demands professionalism from you.

2. Don’t just conjure up meaningless logos…design your logo with a purpose! You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it says that amazon.com has everything from a to z

3. Don’t be PC reliant…sketch your idea on a paper

4. Never clog the beauty of logo with complexity, just KISS (Keep it Simple Straight) )

5. Make your logo design compatible for all mediums. The FedEx logo is easily visible on all formats of media.

6. Avoid adding unnecessary inclusions (co, Ltd, Inc) Notice what vague inclusions have been made under the “Families” logo!

7. Say No to Plagiarism; always remember the PEPSI-COKE Case

8. Dreadful color combination: Although the logo is one of the creations of “Paul Rand” but the uneasy color selection is making it very awkward

9. Avoid certain typography issues (improper spacing, predictable, crazy and thin fonts). Geez, what’s this supposed to mean???

10. Never initiate in color mode; start logo design in black and white.

11. Haste makes waste….give your logo design attention it deserves!

12. Don’t stick to logo design trends ….create something original.

Have you ever encountered a logo design mistake other than the ones I mentioned?? Also analyze your logo design closely and tell if you have made any of these mistakes.

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