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My name is Sergio Dussel Lerma Gonzalez, I am an industrial design major in the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, I am 25 years old, for a long time now I have dedicated a good amount of time to draw and paint, in the worst of the cases to make a mess.

I started making graffiti’s in the streets, but I was always attracted to the idea of expressing myself through paintings... it was until then when I decided to do it my own way. At school I have taken painting, drawing, silk screening, and design classes. On the other hand, the amount of essential information that I have about the tendencies and aesthetics of the world, has become an influential part of my work. Every day I search for alternatives and new possibilities of expression, since my country has limited opportunities and lack of information, things do not work, or in most of the cases they only half work.

Basically, my job is at this time influenced by a lot of contemporary artists, streets, cartoons, nightmares, a lot of dedication, hours of hard work, school, and my view of the world and my interpretation of it. I love to work with my hands, to make my art very personal and organic, to do all the process from the beginning: from doing the canvas, painting, cutting the stencil, designing, and in most occasions to work day and night. For all of it, I think I have not yet reach a strong and unique design, but I'm working on it day by day.

Graffiti, characters, and pop art make a unique mixture, and I am always looking for the way to make my work more interesting in terms of paint and design. My style could be more easily defined as street art, mixing painting with some graffiti details, but in a funny way.

I always try to risk when I paint, to add, remove or do something different in order for it to have something to offer in terms of design.

My proposal is fun, colorful, representative, attractive and very personal; it is at the same time decorative, and childish. I try to involve alternative ways of painting, expression and action.

I understand that there are artists with a lot of attitude, aptitude, technique, expression and design, but for me it is always important to go back to the basics, to make an aesthetic, organic and competitive quality art.

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