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In 2006 life long friends Gerardo Tepetitlan aka "Fabricio" and Jorge Evangelista aka "Danova" decided to combine there love for music and create a duo called "Audioguns".

They began as fans as all djs do. Running around the city of Tijuana looking for the party scene and checking out all of the local djs at the time. Both have wonderful taste in music and amazing mixing skills, so after creating Audioguns they decided to spread the talent all over the city. By the end of 2007 they were mixing in bars and throwing house party's and were all ready

Then in 2007 they met up with Kimika promotions, wich at the time were throwing partys with djs like sharam, dubfire, sandra colins dimitri from paris , Ed banger crew , James Zabiela , Tiesto and many more. This opened up a new door for audioguns. There mixing skills gave them entry to great new bars and huge underground partys, and with there style of electro house and a bit of techno, it quickly grabbed the attention of the crowed.

By 2008 they were well known around the city and were already set for clubs like Oxygen, Tia Juana Tilly's, and The Lobby as warm up djs and they played for more of 6000 people.. Now in 2009 signed with the German Record Label "WHAT WHAT records they are well on there way to becoming better producers and djs.

Actually they have tracks on beatpor


Some Tracks:

Audioguns-Personal Dispute(original mix)


Audioguns- Dark Horse(original mix)


Mike Okay-Masturbo(Audioguns remix)


Audioguns- Bordeaux(Original mix)


Audioguns- That Girl from Spain(Demo)



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Hard Labor Krew from HLK on Vimeo.

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